Strain Report: Shady Meringue

Shady Meringue Strain Plant

Strain Name: Shady Meringue
Lineage: Shady Apples x Lemon Meringue Cake
Breeder: Your Highness
Height: Medium, not a big stretchy plant.
Weight (yield): 3lbs / light. 
Flowering time in days: 63 – 70 days 
Lineage: Shady Apples x Lemon Meringue Cake
Cannabinoids: 28% THC / 30% Cannabinoids
Taste: Funky candied apple with a hint of lemon gas at the end of each hit. 
Scent:  Strong gassy apples with earthy over ripe lemons.
Visual:  A trichome rich, purple, Christmas tree shaped nug with minimal pistols. 
Medicinal: Anxiety and stress relief.

Shady Meringue (Shady Apples x Lemon Meringue Cake) was bred and selected by Your Highness. Shady Meringue is a strain that truly brings together the best of both worlds. Both parent strains are standouts, and each has made waves in the California cannabis market.

Shady Meringue has a complex terpene profile and expresses the purple hues and unique candy apple gas traits passed down from Shady Apples and light funky sour notes from Lemon Meringue Cake.

Shady Meringue is a squat plant in veg, medium with ample branching, but will double in size during 12/12. She is a vigorous grower and possesses extreme hardiness and resistance to pests and mold. Shady Meringue is sure to be the jewel of any grower’s garden.

This exotic strain is available in California or Oklahoma as indoor flower or Ecozotics green house. Find Shady Meringue now!

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Shady Meringue Strain Plant

Strain Report: Shady Meringue

Strain Name: Shady MeringueLineage: Shady Apples x Lemon Meringue CakeBreeder: Your HighnessHeight: Medium, not a big stretchy plant.Weight (yield): 3lbs / light. Flowering time in days: 63 – 70 days Lineage: Shady Apples x Lemon Meringue CakeCannabinoids: 28% THC...

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