Skunk Short List: Your Highness Has It All

God Save The Queen!

I am going to give the first ever placement on the SKUNK Magazine Short List with one of my favorite LA Legacy brands of all time. This is hands-down the homies at YOUR HIGHNESS. First-class flower, Family-owned, and just plain cool as fuck; this is the first time anyone at SKUNK Magazine has talked about YOUR HIGHNESS, and I am thrilled to change that here and now.

Quick caveat: Consider this the first of many mentions to come regarding the heat they are dishing out at YOUR HIGHNESS, you have been warned. Straight up slaughtering the space right now, I will be continue to keep close tabs on everything epic coming from this brand in the months to come.

Just A (Married) Couple of Growers…

The Royal Family of Reefer at YOUR HIGHNESS has been growing killer craft California Cannabis since before the Prop. 64 days. Setting a standard of growing great weed with precision, attention to detail, and a dedication to the end-user experience they have dialed-in perfectly. 

Becky and Husband Sean lead the helm at YOUR HIGHNESS. Together these two breed seriously superior strains, and have become well-respected for their ability to consistently breed beautiful plants with unique, exciting, and uplifting terp profiles, olfactory expressions, and some undeniably potent effects. 

 A legend in the streets and all-too-often sold-out on dispensary shelves, if you can get your hands on some YOUR HIGHNESS flower you will understand the hype is real and you and can thank me later ?

In addition, the full lineup of YOUR HIGHNESS flower flavors is so fucking fire. Full stop. All their flower is an obvious a must-cop if you ever find yourself thoroughly blessed enough to catch it in stock or on the streets. 

Their creations are nothing short of Terpene-soaked treasures, and I got the great honor of getting my hands on a sizable stash of three fundamental flower offerings from YOUR HIGHNESS. 

Pictured below are the cultivars I sampled – all of which was generously spared from the head stash of The Queen herself, which made it even more special. 

I was really stoked because I was given enough Chroma, Shady Merengue, and Shady Apples to really dig into, sit with for a couple of days to evaluate to determine my favorite one by one. The Shady Apples being hands down some of the most superb Cannabis I have ever consumed, checking all the right boxes and this is not a surprise given the cult like following of this cultivar.

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Skunk Short List: Your Highness Has It All

God Save The Queen! I am going to give the first ever placement on the SKUNK Magazine Short List with one of my favorite LA Legacy brands of all time....

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