Who’s Who in West Coast Weed? Your Highness Brings Heat to Transbay Challenge.


From The Bay to LA

Saturday, August 13th, marked the fourth annual Transbay Challenge. Held at The 91 Club in Downtown LA, The Transbay Challenge (TBC) was a who’s who of the West Coast weed world! People made pilgrimage from far and wide to see the best of boutique, craft, indoor flower, and hash. We got the details ready if you missed out. So please read on for a breakdown and some highlights from the epic day in Hollywood. Everyone at Your Highness and Broken Promises had a blast, and we can’t wait to see you all at the next one!

The brainchild of the legendary weed journalist and advocate Jimi Devine, the first Transbay Challenge was held in San Francisco, popping off in 2019, TBC has continued to evolve. The signature recipe, which consists of (in simple terms): An epic, day-long, expo-style, flower and hash vending event, paired with a friendly competition, is an objective hit, and rapidly on the way to becoming a premier Cali Cannabis event by and for the culture.

The fourth installment of TBC (#4), held in Hollywood, TBC IV LA had support from the top-tier call brands, and they all took it a level up to be sure. Perhaps this made TBC LA an objectively elevated weed experience. Regardless, expectations and excitement from the cannabis community (both in person, and remote following play-by-plays on IG) were stoked to a fever pitch.

Who’s Who?

Weed-famous tastemakers and the true devotees of the dank descend from all corners of the country to burn down the best boutique, indoor flower, and hash as well as all the best edibles. Consumption is always cool, no doubt, but the opportunity to chop it up with the heaviest hitters in the game all in one place is absolutely killer. Count us in.

Inside the event gates, exotic smoke and heady vibes filled every square inch of the event. Check your ego at the door because experience wise, calling TBC an “inclusive, community focused event” would be an understatement. The intimate nature, perhaps by design, made it easy, and organic for excited attendees and pot-enthusiasts alike to brush shoulders and break buds with celebrity judges, elite brands, breeders, growers, media, and more.

Keep reading for highlights and a play-by-play of the day courtesy of Your Highness.

Gates Open. Game on.

YHLA turned heads and kept spirits high right out of the gate. Literally. A squad of straight-up smoke shows met everyone who entered the event. As the doors opened, the hotties representing Your Highness and Broken Promises handed out cold drinks alongside the requisite dank. These girls beat the heat all day and treated guests to games, gear, giveaways, and great vibes.

Your Highness and Broken Promises came together to bring out an epic dual-installation or “double-feature” in prime placement at the venue’s entrance on Olympic Ave. In stark contrast to the sizzling Hollywood sun, the YH+BP activation was seemingly curated to come through in the clutch.

Amid the chaos and camaraderie, I caught up with Jason Blake, Co-Owner of Broken Promises. Jason told me, “Transbay was like no other! I want to shout out and give a huge thank you to Jimi Devine; Seeing Broken Promises become a staple for the movers and shakers in cannabis culture is incredible. We are truly excited that our gear resonates with the real smokers, and we can’t wait for the next one!”

A heady hybrid of laid-back lounge vibes and a streetwear-style “boutique” complete with merch and more, made this the spot the central place to chill throughout the day’s festivities. TBC ticket holders, vendors, judges, media, and more all spent noticeable time chopping it up and burning it down with Your Highness and Broken Promises. The vibe was electric, and everyone seemed equally enthusiastic to spend some quality time smoking together. Perhaps especially after surviving another year in the trenches of the legal cannabis industry.

Jimi 41

This bacchanal of bud took shape as an all-day private event where attendees could smoke, dab, and buy legal weed from exhibitors. YHLA is already known for their extensive line of flavors that tend to become instant favorites. Knowing that, it is not surprising that the crew came correct (and got creative) with an epic collab.



Four power players came together to bring you Jimi 41, an ode to TBC founder Jimi Divine in flower form. Enter “Jimi 41” a dedication to Transbay founder and celebrated cannabis writer Jimi Devine. The collective crew knew Jimi 41 had to be on the table for Transbay LA, and they brought the heat with one of the most elite cuts of Gelato in existence.

More specifically, Jimi 41 is a “Bay Area” cut of Gelato 41 that the Fig Farms team pushed to the absolute limits. Massive shout-out to HYPERWOLF and Fig Farms who provided the ultimate alley-oop to assist Your Highness in bringing the heat to the street with such style. This feat was only made possible through an unprecedented partnership between industry hitters. True collaboration is something we are always happy to see in the space.

Pot Friends IRL Hit Different.

Back at the booth, things didn’t slow down all day. Transbay, of course, has a history of bringing top-tier cultivators and producers together to celebrate (and foster friendly competition between) the best West Coast operators in the industry. Providing the perfect set and setting chop it up with new and old homies alike, and this includes some of the heaviest hitters in the game.

So many legends of the loud came through to smoke with us. Sean Rotramel, Your Highness brand co-founder Sean Rotramel was on his feet getting face time with everyone who came by to kick it and talk terps. Bombarded in the best way by a bevy of Cali-based cultivators, breeders, and brands who all came by the booth to show love. This was no simple task since Sean was swarmed all day by family, friends, and adoring fans of the YHLA brand and iconic bud.

The positive energy was palpable, and when I asked Sean how he felt, he said “honored! Truly honored to be here with such an outstanding group of brands, and so many like-minded people that share our insane passion for the plant!”

The Best of the West.

A partial accounting, with just a handful of the homies that came over to hang with Your Highness, reads like a ridiculous roster of real ones. Including the guys from Wizard Trees, Serge from Fiore/Cookies Maywood fame, Gas No Breaks, Alien Labs’ Ted Lidie, Masonic, Felipe from Compound Genetics, and Josh from Natura. Not to mention much of the pot world’s press corps, such as Forbes’ Lindsey Bartlett, High Times’ Jon Cappetta, and Leafly’s David Downs.

The crew blazed hella Hash Holes with too many hitters to count, and we can’t wait to do it again. Seeing the undisputed upper echelon of the SoCal cannabis space stand together at a genuinely community-centered, culture-driven event was exciting and uplifting to say the least.

Major gratitude, once again, to Event promoters Jimi Divine and Neil Delacava from Chronic Culture for including us and providing the community with a well-deserved celebration of the best cannabis in the state of California.

Your Highness and Broken Promises are humbled to have had the opportunity to stand with you all. We will continue to support the culture here in California and soon, nationwide, so keep rocking with us; we promise it will be one hell of a heady ride. Hit us up on Instagram @yourhighnessla and be sure to subscribe to email updates and our newsletter so you know whats up!

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